welcome to the heartbeat of sync. - our lip sync feature. here, we bring your videos to life with perfect harmony between audio and video. whether you’re working with uploaded content, utilizing YouTube URLs, or integrating via cloud-hosted files, our synchronizer seamlessly aligns lip movements with your chosen audio.

to get started, follow the guide in our quickstart section or start playing around with our api offerings in the api reference

tips for optimal results

for the best lip sync results, consider the following:

  • clear audio: to achieve a flawless sync, ensure your audio is clear, well-paced, and free of background noise.
  • consistent volume: maintain a consistent volume throughout the recording to avoid sync discrepancies.
  • single voice: recordings of a single voice without reverb or effects ensure a clean, coherent lip sync.
  • video quality: a high-quality video with clear visibility of the speaker’s lips can significantly enhance the syncing process. while our synchronizer can adapt to various languages and accents, it’s designed to align the lips to the audio’s phonetic patterns. if syncing a non-English audio to an English-speaking video, for example, the result will carry the nuances of the original video’s language patterns.