[in beta] our parameters / spec will change over time. we’ll warn you as we make breaking changes - but these docs will always reflect the latest build.

Using Webhooks

to use a webhook, specify the webhookUrl parameter when using any of our API endpoints that allow it.

once your job completes or fails, a POST request will be sent to the webhookUrl with the details of the completed job:

  "result": data,
  "error": "Error message",
Ensure your webhook URL is open to POST requests and properly handles them.

data will be returned regardless of the status of the job. the error field will return null if the job completed successfully.

the data returned will match the format of the corresponding get request for the job. for example, if you use the /lipsync/ endpoint, the data returned will match the format of the /lipsync/{id}/ endpoint.

webhooks simplify your workflow by eliminating the need for frequent status inquiries. you can continue other tasks while waiting for a webhook notification.